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A clean, healthy smile can save you time and money in the long run. Dr. Collier, a leading general dentist in Columbus, GA offers the highest quality preventative dentistry.

Our General Dentistry Services

About Dr. Collier's General Dentistry

Each service we provide is about you. Get and stay in control of your oral health.

Dr. Collier and one of his hygienists working with an actual patient in his Family dental practice in Columbus GA

Dr. Collier and our expert hygienists provide dentistry in Columbus, GA to do more than just repair your teeth. By focusing gon preventative efforts, we want to keep your mouth healthy, so you don’t have to go through expensive and uncomfortable treatments. By keeping regular checkups, our hygienists can stay on top of your oral health and keep your smile clean and bright.

By taking control of your oral hygiene, you can prevent concerns such as:

  • Cavities and early decay
  • Gum disease
  • Missing teeth
  • Other health disorders


General Dentistry Services in Columbus, GA

The staff of Dr. Collier work with a Dentures patient in Columbus GA


We know dentures can be difficult and expensive, but we do everything to make sure your treatment and your daily experience with dentures is a positive one. Dr. Collier clearly lays out what you should and shouldn’t do, and will encourage you to try things on your own.


Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea refers to the process of repeated interruptions to your breathing at night while you are sleeping. These pauses in your breathing can last from 10 to 20 seconds and can occur from just a few episodes an hour up to a hundred! These interruptions cause a break in your body's natural sleep rhythm.

A sleeping couple shows how sleep apnea treatment can help you get a good nights sleep
An older couple smiles to show how dental implants restore your smile

Dental Implants

One of the biggest concerns we hear from patients who are missing teeth is they cannot eat and talk normally or smile with confidence. With dental implants, eating and talking will never be a second thought on your mind.


Comprehensive Dentistry = Better Dentistry

It simply makes sense to look at the big picture because, in the long-run, it's about the quality of your whole-health, not just your teeth. That's why Dr. Collier uses his holistic oral health care philosophy for your smile.

Preview of our educational infographic about Comprehensive Dentistry
Why comprehensive (holistic) dentistry?

When you don’t maintain a clean mouth, bacteria will build up and eventually cause periodontal disease. There are different stages of this disease, and it’s not always outwardly apparent that you have it. However, if left untreated, it can damage your gum tissue and teeth. Our hygienists give routine periodontal exams to stay on top of your health and be one step ahead of infection.

Maintaining healthy habits, such as regular brushing, flossing, and dentist appointments a goes a long way towards preventing bacteria and infection. Dr. Collier will walk each one of your family members through the best steps to keep their mouths clean, from basic flossing to using the best products.

Download our free infographic about comprehensive dentistry to learn:

  • Takes less time out of your life
  • Costs way less than traditional “drill & fill” dentistry
  • Prevents dental problems from arising again or ever happening at all
  • And guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime

"For each appointment, I am seen promptly and receive great care, which is tailored to my individual dental needs. In 60 years of having my teeth cleaned, I consider Bev to be the best hygienist I've ever used. She consistently does a thorough job and offers me great tips for preventive care. Dr. Collier has a kind, gentle manner, which I really appreciate."

— S. Adams • actual patient of Dr. Collier

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