3 Teeth Whitening Procedures That Work

3 Teeth Whitening Procedures That Work

Feb 01, 2019

Nothing compares to the joy of flaunting pearly white smile. Everyone dreams of a flawless smile but not many people have it. Having white teeth is just like having a nice pair of clothes which makes you look good and improve your appearance as well a confidence. Your teeth are the first thing that get noticed when you speak.

Here’s a look at some procedures that are worth investing as they are really effective.

3 Teeth Whitening Procedures That Work

  • Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser it one of the most common whitening procedures. It is popular because it makes the teeth several shades whiter. The laser itself does not whiten your teeth. The teeth are first soaked in whitening chemical and the laser activates the whitening agent. The longer the exposure to laser, the whiter the teeth! A plastic protection is placed on the lips and gums and the eyes are covered during the laser procedure. Dentist in Columbus, Georgia says laser is very safe.

  • Gel Whitening

The gel whitening treatment is popular as it can be used at home. But still people prefer to get it done from professionals. The dentist in Columbus GA first places a plastic tray filled with whitening gel in the mouth. The results are usually long lasting and the procedure is quick.

  • Internal Bleaching

The internal bleaching is unconventional and patients who are in need of root canal can undergo internal bleaching. It’s used for treating problematic teeth only.

How to Keep Your Teeth White after Whitening?

According to dentist near GA, 31904 few drinks can stain your enamel such as wines, sodas, and dark juices. In fact, consumption of coffee must also be reduced or adding more milk to the coffee helps. You can choose to drink these beverages with straw for minimizing their impact on teeth. Even tobacco consumption in any form should be avoided to retain the whiteness. It’s also important to maintain a good oral care routine by brushing and flossing your teeth twice and visiting the dentist for cleaning and examination at least twice a year.

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