4 reasons why you may need a dental crown

4 reasons why you may need a dental crown

Apr 04, 2019

With every passing year, the science of dentistry is crossing new leaps and bounds. What was considered to be an industry which only cared about aesthetics and visual appeal, has now established itself as a legitimate field which is providing people with healthier mouths.

If you are facing one or any of these problems, it is highly likely that you will be needing a dental crown soon. It is recommended that you consult an expert like Dr Lam for second opinion, before you get started with the procedure.

Tooth decay or cavities

One of the key reasons why people go for choosing crowns is that it adds an extra layer of both beautification and functional purpose on the tooth. Majority of the dental problems people face have to do with the decay of the tooth or with excessive cavities.

There are other options available as well – fillings, inlay and onlays. That said, once these three are performed and if the cavity still exist, it is high time that a crown is used in the procedure.

Root canals

When the roots of a tooth or teeth have reached a decaying stage, it clearly means that the individual will have to go through a root canal treatment. Usually under this treatment, the root’s supply to the tooth are disintegrated. This way, any pain induced by the root into the tooth is stopped and the sensations on consumption of something hot or cold are also eradicated.

In addition to the process itself, crowns play a crucial role in providing the tooth an extra layering of finishing so after the disintegration of the root and the tooth, the crown still helps the remaining tooth perform its job of helping you chew and maintains the shape of your face

Cracked or chipped teeth

Yet another application of a crown is in situations where a cracked or chipped tooth has shown up. Usually, these are situations resultant of some sort of accident where the tooth was cracked or got chipped off. The dental crown can complete the structure of the chipped tooth very easily.

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