The Reasons Why Root Canal Treatment Becomes Necessary

Treatment for root canal becomes necessary when the soft tissue inside the root canal which is known as the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. There are many reasons why you may need root canal treatment some of which include deep decay, dental procedures repeated frequently on the tooth, a faulty crown, and chipped or broken […]

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Types of Smile Makeovers and Their Benefits

Who doesn’t wish to have a perfect smile that impresses people? A good smile is an essential part of your overall appearance. No matter how great your personality is or how well you carry yourself, if you have crooked teeth or discolored smile, it will impact your appearance. A perfect smile is the most attractive […]

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Root Canal Treatment Procedure and After Care

The root canal procedure is performed to save a damaged infected tooth, instead of extracting it. This treatment is performed by an endodontist or a root canal specialist. Root canal is important when the centre part within the tooth, known as the pulp, which houses the blood vessels, living connective tissues and nerves become inflamed […]

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Root Canal Myths Busted

There are a lot of local slangs and running jokes that are going on since decades related to the root canal. People say, “I’d rather get a root canal than” when they are exposed to a painful situation. It seems like a root canal has been brought in a bad light for some reason. Here, […]

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How To Care For Your Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure, which helps in keeping your teeth healthy. Lets’ explore some more about fillings. How to Care For Your Dental Fillings The first essential of taking care of your filling is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. The routine should include brushing and flossing along with […]

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Dental Health & Pregnancy

People plan all the things such as what kind of clothes a child would have, the name of the child, what should be the color of the room, and so on. There are thousands of another thing which comes in your mind which you plan, but what you would not plan is oral health care. […]

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How Often Should I Visit My Local Dentist?

Another year means it’s time for scheduling dental checkup. But many people don’t know that yearly teeth cleaning and dental checkup may not be enough for maintaining optimum oral health. The frequency of the dentist visit differs on the basis of a person’s habits and dental history. Dental Health and Overall Health Our mouth is […]

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A Guide to Onlays and Inlays

Sometimes daily brushing and flossing is not sufficient because it can further cause dental issues. It is thus important to schedule your visit to dental clinic in fixed interval. Regular cleanups at dental clinic can help detect the issues so that right treatment can be suggested at right stage before the problem persists further. When […]

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