A Guide to Onlays and Inlays

A Guide to Onlays and Inlays

Jun 16, 2019

Sometimes daily brushing and flossing is not sufficient because it can further cause dental issues. It is thus important to schedule your visit to dental clinic in fixed interval. Regular cleanups at dental clinic can help detect the issues so that right treatment can be suggested at right stage before the problem persists further.

When cavity exceeds and decay is considerably sufficient, solutions like filling and crown can be suggested. Filling can fill the space of missing tooth. When tooth is not enough to hold the filling, often crown is used as a technique for decay. Filling is often chosen because it is a quick and affordable process which can be completed just in one visit.

The procedure starts with cleaning of the area of decay. After this, the remaining tooth is reshaped back again and then crown is added over it. Crown is better than filling because it is nicely placed over the tooth so that it can attain the right function and structure. Even when crown is comparatively expensive than filling it is widely chosen because of its benefits.

In cases when a patient needs something better than filling and crown, they prefer choosing other alternatives. Onlays and inlays are a stronger and more durable alternative to decay and cavity. It is easy to fit over the tooth and is better among all. This can also act well in cases when cavity is too large.

While a dentist uses inlays and onlays, there is no need for reshaping a tooth to fit under the crowns. Inlays can be used to fill the gap between teeth that may have occurred due to decay. After these onlays is applied on the tooth. Once they are applied the teeth will start to function like a natural tooth back again.

This treatment is an advanced and straightforward process that can effectively restore the normal function of natural teeth back again. It can also work in cases when decay is quite high. As it uses tooth-colored material, they can also mimic the appearance.

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