Clear Aligners Versus Traditional Braces: 4 Benefits for Adult Orthodontic Patients

Clear Aligners Versus Traditional Braces: 4 Benefits for Adult Orthodontic Patients

Jun 01, 2019

When someone decides to undergo an orthodontic treatment, they have to make a choice between the traditional braces and clear aligners. Clear Aligners are great, especially for adults who shy away from getting the orthodontic treatment because of the embarrassment caused by traditional braces.

Here’s a Look at the Top 4 Reasons Why Adults Prefer Clear Aligners over Traditional Braces:

  • Visibility

One of the main reasons why people prefer clear aligners in 31904 is that they are almost invisible which helps in concealing the fact that the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners help in hiding the gaps and offer aesthetic benefits. For the same reason, many teenagers also go with clear aligners. It boosts their confidence which goes for a toss when people wear braces with brackets and wires. They shy away from smiling and socializing with people.

  • Removability

One of the benefits of Clear Aligner Orthodontics is that unlike the traditional braces, you can easily remove them. The traditional braces made it difficult to brush and floss but you can remove the clear aligners when brushing/ flossing. Thus, they help in maintaining optimum oral hygiene routine. Also, there are no food restrictions as you remove them and eat whatever you like.

  • Health Benefits

Many people with traditional braces find it difficult to take care of their teeth as they either had poor oral hygiene to start with or they did not make adjustments to their cleaning routine while wearing braces. These issues have no place when wearing clear aligners. Initially, clear aligners were used for minor orthodontic issues but now they can be used for advanced orthodontic cases as well.

  • Impressionless scanning

Impressionless scanning is widely used in dentistry which is why many patients opt for clear aligners. It creates a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth quickly, comfortably, and accurately. It reduces the time patients have to be on the dentist’s chair.

The clear aligners in Columbus offer many benefits and are considered as an effective alternative to the bracket and wire dental appliance.

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