Dental Health & Pregnancy

Dental Health & Pregnancy

Jul 16, 2019

People plan all the things such as what kind of clothes a child would have, the name of the child, what should be the color of the room, and so on. There are thousands of another thing which comes in your mind which you plan, but what you would not plan is oral health care. Many people even do not know there is a relationship between oral care and pregnancy, and if someone knows about that, they do not know the complete information which creates wrong conceptions.

The Myths About Mother’s Dental Health

One of the biggest misconceptions is that child inside the mother might get harmed because they need to go through with an X-ray, but that is not the case because not all dentist puts you into the X-ray machine. There are some simple procedures which help them to deal with this kind of situation.

Another myth is that the mother could lose teeth because of loss of calcium in pregnant women because the child needs calcium to grow, but that is not true because some hormones change, which affect oral care.

Oral Health Issues

Infection and tooth decay are the common problems which are faced by pregnant women because of hormone changes; it increases the number of bacteria in the mouth; this leads to an increase in the level of acids. If you do not give proper attention to oral health, then it might lead to the problems mentioned above. This is not the only side effect, there might be other problems like premature birth or/and low birth weight.

Dental Treatment and Prevention

Pregnant women can save themselves from this problem by following some basic things. First of all, they need to clean their teeth two times a day for two minutes each. After that, they need to floss so bacteria which is hiding in between teeth will come out and then use mouthwash to kill the bacteria.

You do not need to change the routine, just take care of a few things which allow you to get perfect teeth. You need to go for regular checkup so they can spot all the problem which can affect your child, you need an experienced clinic like Lance Collier, DMD.

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