Fast Facts about Mouth Protectors That You Need to Know!

Fast Facts about Mouth Protectors That You Need to Know!

Apr 01, 2020

Mouth protectors have become very popular in recent years, especially in sports. In fact, they are now compulsory in some games such as boxing, hockey, and football.

Due to their increased demand, there has been conflicting information about these protectors, especially during marketing. This article will help you set the records straight so that you can know what you are going for should you decide to buy one.

Mouth Protectors Cannot Cure Bruxism

Well, if you see a brand that their mouth protectors can cure Bruxism, that’s a lie. Mouthguards are made to protect teeth from grinding until the dentist can determine the real cause of the problem. Only a dentist can help you with Bruxism, and it takes time since it is not always easy to decide on the actual cause of Bruxism.

There Are Several Types of Mouth Protectors

All mouth protectors are not the same. There are different types of them, with each type offering different levels of protection and comes at different prices. Some of the most common types are given below.

Stock Mouth Protectors

These mouth protectors come at a very affordable price and can be bought in any food store. They are always ready for use. You can even buy one on your way to the game. The only problem is they are not durable, and you may have to replace them every season.

Boil and Bite

These protectors are very common. You are supposed to boil them for some minutes, then bite into one, and it will fit your teeth comfortably. They are also not durable, so you may have to replace yours from time to time.

Custom Made Mouth Guards

They are made in the dentist’s office, and they are usually very comfortable. They are so comfortable that you can sleep with them with zero discomforts. They are also more durable compared to the options. However, custom protectors are a bit more expensive.

Mouth Protectors are Made of Different Materials

Some people think that all mouth protectors are made of plastic, but that’s not the case. They are made of different materials such as vinyl, acrylic, acetate, and a hybrid of more than one metal or material.

Great mouth protectors are usually made of a laminate of more than one material: A hard material on the outside for durability and soft material on the inside for comfortability. Ask your dentist about the best material for you.

Take Good Care of Your Mouth Protector

Anything that goes inside your mouth needs proper care. Failure to that can lead to bacteria formation, which can lead to infections. Luckily, taking care of mouth protectors is quite easy.

Always rinse your guard with mouth rinse or water every time before use. You should do the same after use. Clean your protector regularly with soapy water and rinse it thoroughly afterward.

Protect your guard from very high temperatures. High temperatures may distort its shape. Check your mouth protector from time to time for general wear. If it has some holes or tears, be sure to replace it.

Carry your mouth protector with you during every dental checkup. Your dentist may need to examine it.

You Can Wear Mouth Protectors with Braces

Some people fail to buy mouth protectors for their kids with braces thinking they can never find a perfect fit. Well, if you believe that you are wrong. A dentist can make a mouth protector for kids or adults with braces. These braces help you with orthodontic treatment, especially if you grind your teeth a lot.

Custom guards are comfortable, and sleeping with them will not cause you any headache or sleepless nights. Contact your dentist, and he will help you get the right mouth protector for your braces.

Fit Mouth Protectors Can’t Affect Your Speech

Uncomfortable mouth protectors can affect your speech, but if you get yourself a comfortable one, your speech will not be affected at all. It is essential to have mouth protectors that fit you perfectly, especially if you play a sport that involves a lot of talking like basketball. Custom-fit guards are perfect since they are made specifically for you.

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