Periodontal Gum Disease: More Than Meets the Eye

Periodontal Gum Disease: More Than Meets the Eye

Aug 10, 2018

Have you recently been informed you suffer from periodontal gum disease? When it comes to periodontitis, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Many patients believe that is only impacts your gum health, unfortunately it can affect your entire smile and even other parts of your body.

Gum Disease is Unhealthy

When patients neglect at home dental care and proper oral hygiene, gum disease is typically quite common. This is due to debris, bacteria, acid and even plaque wreaking havoc on the gum tissue and other parts of the mouth. As gum disease progresses, it can affect your entire mouth, causing a range of complications.

Gum Disease in Unattractive

You would think being unhealthy would be the biggest motivator for treatment, however the impact it has on the gums and smile is typically what bothers people. Gum disease eventually results in receding gums, gum pockets, loose teeth, misaligned teeth and even tooth loss.

Gum Disease Causes Bad Breath

Did you know bad breath isn’t always fixed just by brushing? Gum disease is caused by bacterial overgrowth in the mouth and infection, typically resulting in chronic bad breath that doesn’t even go away when you clean your smile.

Gum Disease Affects Your Teeth

As mentioned previously, gum disease doesn’t only affect the gum tissue. As periodontal gum disease progresses it can also affect the bone and supporting structures for your teeth. Loose teeth, shifting teeth and even tooth loss is common.

Gum Disease Affects Your Whole Body

Did you know gum disease can also affect the rest of your body? Research has shown an increased risk of heart disease and even diabetes in patients that suffer from periodontal gum disease.

Get Columbus Gum Disease Treatment Today

Want to get your periodontal gum disease and associated symptoms under control? Schedule your appointment with our periodontist in Columbus, GA today! We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if gum disease therapy in Columbus is right for you.

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