The Reasons Why Root Canal Treatment Becomes Necessary

The Reasons Why Root Canal Treatment Becomes Necessary

Nov 01, 2019

Treatment for root canal becomes necessary when the soft tissue inside the root canal which is known as the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. There are many reasons why you may need root canal treatment some of which include deep decay, dental procedures repeated frequently on the tooth, a faulty crown, and chipped or broken tooth.

Additionally, injuries to a tooth can also cause damage to the pulp even when no cracks or chips are visible. When the infection or inflammation is left untreated it can be painful or may lead to an abscess.

While many clinical reasons for needing root canal treatment have been provided it must also be understood that many practical reasons exist why it would be worth saving a natural tooth. Endodontic treatments can help you to lead a life with your natural smile, continue having the foods you love, and restricts the requirement for ongoing dental engagements. When proper treatment is provided teeth that have received root canal treatments can last for a lifetime.

What Are The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy does not cause much pain and often is less discomforting during recovery than you may face if you had your natural tooth extracted. Modern techniques and effective anesthesia allow endodontics’ to keep the patient comfortable during the therapy leading them to describe that the treatment was painless than having a tooth extracted.

When you undergo a root canal surgery or any other endodontic treatment the pulp that is inflamed or infected is removed and the interiors of the tooth cleaned and disinfected before being filled and sealed with gutta-percha [a rubber-like material]. After the initial procedure, the tooth is restored with a filling or crown to begin functioning like any other tooth in the mouth as it has received protection.

It can take more time to have a tooth extracted than having root canal therapy because no follow-ups are needed for dentures, bridges, and implants. You may also be required to pay higher prices for the extraction. Insurance companies are covering most endodontic treatments which would be comforting for you if you are fearing that the costs of having a root canal surgery may be unaffordable.

Why Saving Your Natural Tooth Is Essential

Replacements to your natural tooth do not function or feel like the original. Regular oral hygiene with visits to the dentist every six months can help you retain your original teeth for a lifetime. Unfortunately, your teeth may become infected requiring additional care from a dentist. Your attempt must always be to consider treatments which can save your original teeth. You cannot be under the impression that having a tooth pulled simply because it will not be visible to others do not mean it will not impact your life.

When suggested to undergo root canal treatment you may have been offered the option of either extracting your teeth or considering root canal treatment. In such cases, it is suggested that you always opt for a root canal. Any dentures, implants, and bridges are likely to function, feel, and appear like natural teeth.

How Endodontic Treatment Can Save the Tooth?

The endodontic treatment would have been necessitated because of the inflammation and infection in the pulp of your tooth resulting in deep decay or repeated dental procedures. It would also be a result of cracked or chipped teeth which need to be treated and filled without which you could be left leading a painful life.

Myths About Root Canal Treatments

If you are not familiar with the procedure involved with root canal therapy you could be fearful and uneasy because of many misconceptions floating around. You may be provided information that root canal treatments are expensive, cause pain and illness and should, therefore, be avoided. Unfortunately, the opposite is true in this case because the pain, cost, and inconvenience of avoiding endodontic treatment in favor of tooth extraction can easily be evaded. Postponing root canal treatment increases the chances of extracting your tooth. You should make an attempt to learn about root canal treatments and try to understand how an endodontist will attempt to save your teeth with minimal discomfort and time.

In rare cases, even endodontic treatments for a root canal can go wrong because not every patient is similar to the other. However, if you belong to one of the rare categories you can rest assured the endodontist will have additional options for you to rectify any problems related to the root canal in your mouth to save the natural tooth.

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