Things to Expect before Dental Exams and Cleanings

Things to Expect before Dental Exams and Cleanings

Jan 01, 2020

An important part of your overall health care is dental appointments. If it has been some time since you had dental exams or are anticipating your first appointment here is what you can expect when you visit the dental office.

If you are visiting the office as a new patient the dentist will examine your mouth to determine whether any problems exist before turning you over to a dental hygienist for dental cleanings. Your dentist will deal with any pain or problems that you are suffering from initially before the procedure for cleaning begins. The order of the treatment will depend on the condition of your dental health.

The initial examination will involve a thorough inspection of your teeth, mouth, and tongue. The dentist may also request a set of dental x-rays.

Why Are X-Rays Needed during the First Visit?

The surface examination conducted by the dentist will not help to spot decay that may not be visible but x-rays are capable of doing so. It can be difficult to spot decay between the teeth or around old fillings without x-rays. The dentist will as well be looking for signs of gingivitis, oral cancer, and any other health problems with your tongue and mouth. The alignment of your jaws and to determine that you have no underbite or overbite will also be part of the dental exam.

A dental professional will take your complete medical and dental history before the exam and discuss any findings if significant. He or she will want to know any or all of the medications you are taking. This is because some medications and chronic conditions can also affect your dental health.

What Happens If You Have Problems with Your Dental Health?

If signs of cavities, gum disease or any other problems are evident the dentist will discuss the next course of action for you and explain the dental work that needs to be undertaken along with your options.

Dental hygienists will perform professional teeth cleaning while also helping you to learn proper brushing and flossing techniques and providing you many other dental tips. If you have discolored and stained teeth you may be recommended teeth whitening by the dental hygienist after consultation with the dentist.

It would be natural for you to be anxious about dental exams especially if it is the first time you are visiting a dentist or have been avoiding dentists for quite some time. However, you need to understand the dental professionals are using modern equipment and medications to minimize your discomfort and keep you at ease.

Selecting a Dentist for Dental Exams

Anxiety about a dental exam should not prevent you from visiting a dental health professional at all. Many dental problems are not complex and can be treated affordably if they are detected in the early stages. A tiny cavity can assume major proportions if it is not treated promptly.

Dr. Lance Collier from Columbus, GA, recommends that you visit their office for a checkup every six months after the initial problems observed have been treated. More frequent checkups and/or cleanings may be recommended depending on the severity of your dental health problems.

Staying away from sugary foods and following good oral hygiene habits like brushing twice a day for two minutes each and flossing every day will be suggested to minimize future problems.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Fearful about Dental Exams?

Many people are fearful about going to the dentist for anything, leave alone a dental exam. They are often letting problems like plaque and tartar to build upon their teeth and gums which often is the beginning of a problem in the form of cavities. People don’t like the probing and drilling the dentists are popular for and try to avoid the same altogether by putting their dental health in harm’s way.

Dental problems when not treated promptly often leave people with more issues than they can handle. A simple dental exam is a precautionary measure to stay away from major dental issues. Answering a few questions and getting the teeth and mouth examined has never hurt anyone especially when it is a precautionary measure. People are therefore advised to adhere to the suggestions of the dentist and be enthusiastic about dental exams and cleanings as it can keep them away from the major expenditure.

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