When Does Oral Surgery Become a Requirement?

When Does Oral Surgery Become a Requirement?

Feb 01, 2020

There are many reasons why you may need to visit a dental surgeon. If you believe you are in need of oral surgery or have recently experienced a traumatic injury searching for an emergency dentist in your area will prove beneficial because they can direct you to the right treatment provider before your symptoms worsen.

It is common for people to believe their dentist and an oral surgeon are the same. People do not realize that the training the dental dentist and an oral surgeon have gone through is entirely different resulting in the type of services they can provide people with.

General dentists study dentistry and have hands-on training and some can even perform minor oral surgical needs. However they generally concentrate on matters of dental care like oral exams, professional teeth cleanings, crowns, fillings, root canals, dental sealants and overall gum care. When people visit their general dentist he or she will examine the emergency dental requirements and determine whether they can treat the condition or not. This applies for nonemergency dental situations like gum surgery or a surgical tooth extraction.

Oral surgeons receive extensive training in a specific field and patients are generally referred to him or her by the dentist treating them. An oral surgeon will be the person to contact if you have issues with your wisdom teeth, jaw misalignment, and bone loss. Oral surgeons can also treat chronic diseases and conditions that develop from issues of the mouth.

Reasons Dentists May Refer You to an Oral Surgeon

As mentioned earlier you may be referred to an oral surgeon for dental surgery if you need to have a tooth extracted because it has become diseased and is beyond repair, is causing overcrowding in your mouth or experienced recent trauma. When you have tooth abscess and the infection also impacts the root of the teeth it can be painful and should be treated immediately. Extractions may also become necessary if you are suffering from advanced stages of periodontitis. Sporting injuries, car accidents or a random incident may also bring upon the need to have teeth extracted via dental surgery.

Oral surgeons can also help you if you have undergone a tooth extraction in the anterior region of your mouth and prefer to have dental implants replace them. Visiting the dentist near you and requesting for an evaluation about whether you can have oral surgery for dental implants is a great way of attempting to restore your smile. An oral surgeon is the best person who can provide several options to give your appearance and natural look.

When Can You Expect a Referral to an Oral Surgeon?

You may be referred to an oral surgeon for dental surgery in cases where the tooth to be extracted is not visible above the gum line. It is known as a surgical extraction because the tooth is impacted and is lying below the gum line. The dentist must perform the surgery by going under the gums to extract the tooth fully.

During the procedure the surgeon may provide general anesthesia to make you sleep during the procedure. The gum and bone tissue covering the underlying tooth will initially need to be exposed before using forceps to extract the tooth from the jawbone. If the tooth was impacted because of an injury it would have broken into pieces or sometimes it becomes beneficial to break the tooth in pieces to make the extraction easier. Patients will have a Gap at the site of the surgery and the surgeon will place gauze in the area and as the patient to put pressure on the same by biting down on it. Sutures are generally put in that will either dissolve in a few days or will be removed later.

Patients need to exercise caution after they have undergone surgery for extracting a tooth or for any other reason. They must be in touch with the oral surgeon that performed the surgery as well as the dentist that referred them for the therapy. They could experience minor problems which can be addressed by either of the two individuals.

If the patient has undergone surgery performed by Dr. Lance Collier in Columbus, GA, he or she will receive all the assistance they need during the recovery phase which is just as important as undergoing oral surgery for the reason they were referred to.

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