Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Why

Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Why

Dec 12, 2018

Your wisdom teeth are also called your third molars. It is because these teeth are the last ones to come in after your second molars. Sometimes the wisdom teeth will come in without causing you any problems or issues, and then they can stay where they are growing.

But, there are many folks, who do have issues with their wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary. Your wisdom teeth usually come in when you are between 17 and 22 years of age. By x-ray and digital technology, it is pretty apparent to your dentist if the wisdom teeth will cause you a problem.

If your kid is within the age range, it is a good time to have them checked for the status of their wisdom teeth. Dr. Lance Collier will help you determine if your child’s wisdom teeth and extraction is becoming necessary.

If and when an extraction becomes necessary, it can be because there is not any more room in your smile for the wisdom teeth. If the wisdom teeth do come in, they can cause all kinds of havoc and come in at a weird angle bumping into all your surrounding teeth and leading to some significant damage.

Some wisdom teeth remain impacted and stay under the bone and gums. If the wisdom teeth can emerge, they will push the surrounding teeth into weird new positions that will lead to a terrible domino effect with your smile. If your wisdom teeth are extracted early enough, it can avoid damage to all the rest of your bones, teeth, or any nearby tissue.

There are times when the wisdom teeth will only come in part of the way. When they do, they cause a flap of the gum tissue to form that can get infected which can become painful. The flap of gum tissue will get puffy, red, and inflamed; chewing will become painful. Food will then get caught under this flap causing bad breath and more infection. Getting rid of that erupted wisdom tooth can help avoid that painful infection.

If you are concerned about your child’s wisdom teeth, call us at Dr.Lance Collier’s office so he can assess their wisdom teeth. We are proud to serve our patient’s and community.

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