What type of toothbrush is best?

While many people seem drawn to firmer toothbrushes since they can feel it more on the tooth, but softer or medium bristled toothbrushes are actually more desirable since they are effective for removing debris but not too strong that they could cause issues to the gums.

How often should I get a checkup?

Many people follow the commonly accepted timeframe of twice a year (every six months). While this is good for many patients, other patients with issues such as gum disease, being prone to cavities, or previously having a lot of dental work, should consider getting a dental exam and cleaning more often.

Why do teeth get yellow?

There are many factors that contribute to discolored teeth. As enamel is stripped away, the darker interior of the tooth begins to shine through. Additionally, certain medications, foods we eat, beverages we drink, and trauma to a tooth can cause discoloration.

Why do we get wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are left over from an era when our ancestors needed more teeth surface to grind and chew the harder foods that were in their diet. As our diets changed and our jaws narrowed, the need for these wisdom teeth disappears. These teeth can cause major issues for the rest of the mouth if there is no space, so removing them can often be the best bet.

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