The first visit with a new dentist can be exciting, but for some may cause anxiety. The first appointment is a great opportunity for you and your Columbus, GA dentist to get to know each other! While other dental clinics might have their dentist start examining the mouth right away, we like to take the time to chat a bit. Why? You would be surprised what can be found out in just a few minutes that can greatly help your dentist understand the best way to help you! For example, if you have a sweet tooth, or chew on pens at work when nervous, or are even a constant snacker, there are many different issues that can occur for each. By knowing these things about you, your dentist can recommend preventive treatments to help your oral health remain great.

Your Dental Exam

The dental examination requires your dentist to take a thorough look around your mouth. In addition to the health of your teeth, your dentist will need to check the health of your gums, lips, cheeks and other soft tissue areas. X-rays can also help identify what is going on inside a tooth or under the gum line. If there are any issues that the dentist uncovers during the exam, he will also discuss options to correct them.

Your Dental Cleaning

Everyone’s favorite part of the checkup is the cleaning! Even if we follow a strict dental hygiene plan, buildups of plaque and tartar will always form in hard to reach places. A professional dental cleaning leaves the mouth feeling amazingly clean and the teeth feeling polished.

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