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Is a Dental Membership Plan Better Than Insurance?

Dr. Collier giving a high five to a kid patient about our dental savings plan

Are discount dental plans worth the money?

They definitely are worth it compared to paying for dental care out of pocket. But what about dental insurance?

Let’s compare!

But first, let’s get a quick rundown on what is a dental membership plan since it may be news to you.

What’s a dental savings plan?

A dental savings plan is a membership that offers patients without dental insurance an affordable way to receive high-quality dental care without paying full price out of pocket.

The plan’s benefits are usually restricted to the dentist or dental practice that provides the membership.

Dental savings plans often include full coverage for preventive dental care with a discount on additional services.

What’s the difference between a dental savings plan and dental insurance?

We can’t speak to everyone’s dental savings plan, so here are the key differences between our in-house dental membership plan vs. dental insurance.

Transparent coverage

Our annual dental membership plan covers your preventive dental care by Dr. T. Lance Collier at 100% (no additional cost!).

We clearly outline what’s covered, so you know what to expect and how best to use it:

  • New Patient Comprehensive Exam
  • 2 Periodic Exams + 1 Emergency Exam
  • Complete X-Rays
  • 2 Cleanings (Adult & Child)
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • 50% Off Dental Sealants
  • 15% Off Selected Services

Dental insurance isn’t so straightforward, and there are a TON of different plans with different coverage, stipulations, in-network vs. out-of-network providers, etc.


With dental insurance, you’re usually paying for preventive coverage and what-if scenarios (like what if you need a dental implant, then you’ll get a portion – not all – of the cost covered by insurance). This causes higher premiums.

According to this article… This text opens a new tab to the source…, Americans pay an average of $360 per year on dental insurance.

Because we don’t factor in high-priced what-if scenarios, we keep our annual fee low – it’s only $275 per year.

That’s an instant savings of $85 per year compared to the national average. Plus, if you add family members to your membership plan, you’ll save more money.

Waiting periods

When you sign up for dental insurance, there’s usually a waiting period of six to 12 months before you can start using your benefits. AKA, you’ll be paying for a service you can’t even use yet.

This is problematic if you’re due for a cleaning or need to see a dentist ASAP (like when you’ve got a killer toothache!).

With our discount dental plan, you get instant benefits! You can use your coverage the same day you sign up.

Annual maximums

Dental insurance usually caps the amount of money they’ll pay toward your dental care (like $1,000-2,000 per year).

Plain and simple: We don’t do that! 


Sometimes you need to pay X amount out-of-pocket before your dental insurance benefits kick in, which only adds to the amount of money you’ll pay.

Again, we don’t do that!

Other complicated matters

In short, dental insurance has a lot of “fine print” that makes using your benefits more complicated than it needs to be.

We care about keeping your smile healthy and beautiful, which is why our plans are straightforward and easy. No pre-approvals, denials of claims, ID cards, group number, middle man, etc.

Plus, your membership information is kept with your electronic record in-office, and it’s super easy to make changes or check your usage – you simply contact us.

How does a dental savings plan work?

To sign up for our plan, you just need to book an appointment. Then when you visit us, we’ll sign you up.

Your membership plan will go into effect on the date you sign up. Your coverage will last for one year. Your renewal date is the anniversary of your original enrollment date every year.

To add family members (they must live in your household), contact our office. Once they’re added, they can use their benefits right away too.

It’s truly that easy! Ready to get started?

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